• Prospective new vendors – applications are due by May 4, 2013

    Continuing vendors – application and full or partial payment due by May 4, 2013

    Please note, we are not accepting new produce, baked goods, or jams and jellies vendors.

    HFM 2013 Rules & Regs

    HFM 2013 Vendor Application

    Food Safety Guidelines 2013

    2013 Haymaker Farmers’ Market (HFM Inc.) Rules:

    The Market Mission: We are a producers only market, established in 1992 to provide high quality, fresh, more flavorful and nutritious agricultural products and baked goods at competitive prices to Kent and surrounding communities; to promote local agricultural production in order to retain arable land for the purpose of growing food; to foster a positive sense of community, promote civic interaction and discourse in an open-air public setting, and to provide an alternative public venue for local charitable organizations; to help promote retail development within the city’s central business district through spin-off retail trade and to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmers’ market and the business community at large; to improve public awareness of the many agricultural products and baked goods available from local producers; and to foster a link between the local arts and music communities and the farmers’ market by providing a free alternative performance venue.

    We are not accepting any new produce, baked goods, or jam and jelly vendors for the 2013 season.

    Location: The market is located in the gravel lots along the west side of Franklin Avenue between College and Summit Streets. Entrances are from Summit Street and Franklin Avenue north of the Haymaker Parkway viaduct.

    Dates and hours of operation: The market is open rain or shine, Saturdays from late May through the last Saturday of October. The market is open from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm with vendor setup from 8:00 to 9:00 am. Exact start-up dates are chosen yearly after discussion by the market vendors and manager.

    1. Interested vendors are required to read the market regulations, sign and complete the vendor application form, and return it to the market manager prior to being permitted to sell at the market. Applications are due by vendor meeting on May 4, 2013. Existing vendors have first preference, and any available seasonal spots will be assigned by the manager, based on providing customers with a balanced and varied product mix.

    2. Vendor spaces are 12 feet wide by the depth of the vendor’s stand and vehicle allowing for safe passage of vehicles at the rear of the market. Vendor stands backing Franklin Avenue do not accommodate a vehicle, and those vendors must unload, set up, and then move their vehicle to where there is additional vendor parking along the fence at the rear of the market site. Vendors requiring less than 12 feet of frontage whose product and business have already been approved, or charitable groups are allowed, with at least one week’s advance permission of the manager, to set up as space and location permits.

    3. Vendor spaces are assigned and must be approved by the market management, and booth spaces may not be shared or sublet to another vendor without prior approval by manager.

    4. Late arriving vendors will be permitted to set up as space permits. If the assigned space of the late arriving vendor has been occupied, the manager will help the vendor find an alternative location.

    5. Vendor spaces may be reserved as such:

    Full season:
    May 25 – October 26 (23 weeks)
    $240 if paid in full by first day of market
    $260 in two payments, $130 by first day of market, $130 by August 3
    Full payment must be received by August 4 or vendor will not be permitted to set up until paid in full with a $25 penalty.

    Specialty Crop Permit:
    Prorated at $15 per day, paid in advance for farmers who grow only single product crops such as pumpkins or apples with manager’s prior approval.

    Charities, non-profits, and a single local artist or musician may set up with at least one week’s advance permission from the manager on a case-by-case basis, free of charge, but will not be permitted to sell produce, baked goods, or value-added food products.

    –Full or partial payments are due by the spring vendor meeting on May 4 at 2pm Kent Free Library Meeting Room. Prospective new vendors please have application without payment turned in by May 4.

    6. Attendance at each market, while encouraged is not mandatory, but vendors must contact manager with at least 24 hrs advance notice if they are going to miss a day. Late arriving vendors may not be allowed to enter the market with a vehicle to set up if customer safety is put at risk. Market setup is from 8am – 9am, please plan to have your booth set up and ready for 9am opening.

    email: haymakermarket@gmail.com
    phone: 330.472.5801

    7. Fees are used exclusively to pay for the following market related expenses: market manager stipend, market liability insurance, advertising in the Record-Courier and other media, fees to maintain the market SNAP/EBT program, sandwich board signs placed around town every Saturday by the manager, production of market branded t-shirts, hats, and shopping bags for sale. Fees paid to the musicians performing through the “Music @ the Market series”, purchase of gravel for the market site, purchase of market umbrellas and stands, rental of a Porta-restroom placed on the site during the market season, fees associated with filing for and maintaining tax exempt status as well as any city, county or State of Ohio permits that may be assessed, accounting fees for annual taxes, postage for mailings, incidental office supplies, fees for market website hosting and url, incidental items that must be purchased to maintain the equipment, umbrellas, stands, benches, or signs.

    8. HFM Inc is a not-for-profit corporation; all proceeds will be used for the benefit of the market. Fee scales may be adjusted on a yearly basis by decision of the board of directors.

    9. Vendors are encouraged to carry their own personal and product liability insurance policy for protection in the event of a lawsuit. Depending on the type of good sold, proof of insurance naming the market as one of the protected parties may be required. The market liability policy only covers Haymaker Farmers’ Market Inc. (HFM Inc.), not the vendor.

    10. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, chairs, signage and weather protection, (canopy or umbrella). There are a limited number of 8’ market umbrellas and concrete stands available for vendors to use free of charge. Vendors are responsible for replacing/repairing these umbrellas and stands if they lose or damage them.

    11. Vendors are required to identify their farm or business with a clearly written or printed sign affixed to their table or stand. These signs need not be professionally produced but must include the name of the business or vendor and its location.

    12. Vendors are required to clean up their sites at the conclusion of each market day. All waste must be deposited in the trash container on site or taken away by the vendor. The market manager is not responsible for cleaning the market property.

    13. By ruling of the Kent Board of Health, pets are not permitted at the market.

    14. Smoking within the market grounds is not permitted.

    15. Disputes not settled by the interested parties may be brought to the manager or his/her representative for arbitration by filing a complaint form with a $50 fee. The manager’s or his/her designate’s decision is final. The manager may elect to bring the dispute before the market board for decision. If the vendor would like to dispute a decision, then the matter must be presented to the market board within thirty days. If complaint is found actionable, the $50 fee will be refunded.

    16. Vendors shall not give produce or other products away for free or at reduced pricing in order to potentially undercut sales of other vendors. Dumping large quantities of produce at low prices is not permitted. This does not include product samples or giving good salable produce to charities such as the food bank or homeless shelter. Trading between vendors is permissible.

    17. Vendors are not permitted to hawk their products in a loud or repetitive way that interrupts the sales of surrounding vendors, nor are they permitted to pursue sales away from their assigned vendor site.

    18. Organic Certification: Vendors using the term “organic” in reference to their products must provide a copy of their certification with their application and post a copy of this certification at their stand on market days. If a vendor would like to state, “chemical-free,” “naturally grown,” or “grown without the use of pesticides”, proof will need to be provided to the manager or market board. Proof of exemption eligibility relating to sales volume must be provided to the market manager.

    19. Haymaker Farmers’ Market Inc. (HFM Inc.) is a producers only market. Wholesale or retail purchase of items for resale at HFM is not permitted. Goods sold shall be grown, baked or otherwise produced by the vendor. “Carrying” or the sale of up to 10% of local but non-vendor produced products may be permitted with the permission of the manager or his/her designate. This allows for small quantity consignment sales of otherwise unavailable product from adjoining or local farms that will improve the availability of diverse products at the vendors stand and at the market in general. Short-term sale of local but non-vendor produced products of up to 40% may be permitted with the permission of the manager or his/her designate in order to allow for product not otherwise available to the market during that short period of time. If a vendor wishes to introduce a carried product to their market booth, they must give at least 24 -hour notice and details to the market manager for approval. Vendors must make note of all planned carried product on the application. Carried products must be labeled with the name and location of the farm or business of origin at their booth so customers can see the label clearly. A home, farm, or business visit may be requested by the market manager of the vendor in order to determine compliance. Vendors not in compliance will not be allowed to sell at the market. Manager’s decision is final.

    20. Allowed products include but may not be limited to:
    • locally grown produce, cut and uncut flowers, nursery plants, herbs, soaps and lotions made by the vendor, locally roasted coffees, dried teas as well as functional and decorative goods that incorporate agricultural products grown or gathered from the wild by the vendor or by other local producer. The sale of crafts made primarily with store-bought materials, and of mass-manufactured or store-bought goods is not permitted.

    • locally produced cheeses prepared in licensed facilities sold by the producer or their representatives.

    • baked goods, canned jellies, preserves, honey and sorghum. (Covered by home bakery and cottage food guidelines see appendix a, b and c.)

    • fresh eggs from the farmer’s flock of 500 or fewer hens. (with required retail food establishment (RFE) license from Kent Health Department see appendix d).

    • ready to eat foods prepared in inspected and licensed kitchens and sold in compliance with all pertinent health department regulations. (must have RFE license, see appendix e).

    • Vendors interested in selling food products that have been prepared by the vendor must comply with Ohio Department of Agriculture guidelines available from the market manager or directly from the ODAG website at .
    Scroll down to “cottage foods” or “home bakery” or “labeling requirements”. All prepared food items must comply with labeling guidelines available at the Department of Agriculture website.

    21. HFM Inc. will provide the market venue, vendor or exhibitor screening, market liability insurance, advertising, media contacts and promotion, special musician or performance events, fee collection, coordination and community outreach as well as representation with local government entities as needed.

    22. The market manager will make all day-to-day operating decisions.

    23. The market manager will make annual farm and business visits for product verification along with a board member or community volunteer at manager’s discretion.

    24. The HFM Inc. Market Board of Directors will make all other decisions.

    25. Vendors or exhibitors not willing or unable to comply with market regulations will be disciplined by market manager or his/her designate as such:
    • one verbal warning.
    • one written warning and vendor will be asked to leave the market for the remainder of that day.
    • if rule is broken a third time, vendor will be not be permitted to continue selling at the market, and will forfeit any paid site fees.

    26. All vendors must agree to participate in the Market EBT program, which provides customers with alternative methods of payment using Visa, MasterCard, and the Ohio Direction Card using a token system. Tokens are purchased at the market information booth and may be used to purchase items from any vendor, or to purchase SNAP-eligible food items. Vendors may turn tokens in to the market manager for reimbursement at the end of every market. A vendor agreement with detailed information is attached to the application form.

    27. Vendor’s signature on the application form indicates that they have read, fully understand, and agree to comply with all of the rules stated above.

  • 2 Comments to Apply to Market

    • Chef Sherry K says:

      I am interested in your winter market on Saturdays. I produce fresh nut butters, granolas, trail mixes, breads, granola bars. I currently have a license through the ODA for producing my nut butters in a commercial kitchen.

      Please send me a contract for the winter market.

      Have a great day.

      Chef Sherry K

    • Jessica Wagner says:

      I am starting a food vending business and would love an application for the Winter Market. My products will be Asian / Midwest Fusion using Ohio sourced ingredients. Can you please send the application to ohiofoodandbeverage@gmail.com?

      Thank you,

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